Paranormal Activity - "The Crawler"

From The St. Augustine Record, 06/14/2015, "Where History Lives, What Happened Behind Walls of the Old Jail."


Paranormal activity

Staff and visitors have experienced paranormal activity in the jail, Kish said.

“Various people have seen various things throughout the day,” she said.

People have also been touched and grabbed, one man had bruises on his arm after being grabbed by something, Kish said.

“One figure people report seeing is called “The Crawler,” which is a figure that low crawls on the floor of the main cell block, following people,” she said.

The Jail........" a look into the realities and daily life of jail time."

The following information is compliments of Historic Tours of America Old Town Trolley History! We are excited to share creepy tales about this facilities sorted past steeped in the threads of American history. Some true, some folklore, all part of what makes this event so unique. 

"The exterior Romanesque Revival appearance, giving it the look of a Victorian house, belies the stark reality of what’s inside.  This was done by design.  It was important to Flagler that the jail did not interfere with the beauty of the Ancient City.  Except for the barred windows and the set of gallows on the property, it was unrecognizable as a jail. 

The historic jail, now on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, served the city of St. Augustine from 1891-1953. The Old Jail’s unique history is filled with fascinating stories about the prisoners and practices that took place.

Today, these stories, told by entertaining costumed actors who portray deputies from the early days as they lead visitors through the jail and the adjacent sheriffs’ quarters, provide a look into the realities and daily life of jail time. The Old Jail is a great sightseeing and history adventure, and everyone gets a chance to try to escape! "


  • Daily
  • 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Guided tours depart every 20 minutes beginning at 9:00 am.


  • Adults: $9.00
  • Children 6-12: $5.00
  • Children under 5: Free



VeloFest & Old Town Trolley, partnerships that work for the communitiy

We are excited for the opportunity to raise awareness about VeloFest and our mission of road safety with a respected business as Old Town Trolley and looking forward to how that partnership will increase the reach of this fantastic 3rd year event. Whether someone is looking for an amazing 5k route (did we mention it finishes at the ocean), the popular 0.0k or to meet “The Crawler” at the Authentic Old Jail, this event is sure to keep you guests on their toes!


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